I do not know if you realize it, but the prescription drugs to help lower cholesterol usually have dangerous side effects. Because of this you may be interested to learn that simple and safe nutritional supplements can often be used as cholesterol cures in the place of these more risky medicines. Below is an abbreviated list of some of the nutritional supplements that have proved to be effective in the war against high cholesterol.

1. Garlic. A supplemental form of garlic is one of the oldest natural cholesterol cures around. It has been used for decades and has been shown to reduce cholesterol levels by up to twenty percent.

The active ingredient that makes garlic supplements such great cholesterol reducers is called allicin. Many studies both in the US and abroad have proved this chemical's effectiveness at lower cholesterol and treating hardened arteries, so much so that in Germany it is even a licensed medicine.

Check with a doctor before you use this supplement if you are taking any prescription drugs, as garlic has been known to interact negatively with certain medications.

2. Niacin. This supplement is known better known as vitamin B-3, and is included in many multi-vitamins as well as several brand name nutritional supplements that are advertised as cholesterol cures.

Niacin has been shown in studies to raise good cholesterol (known as HDL cholesterol) levels by fifteen to thirty-five percent. HDL cholesterol carries the bad (LDL) cholesterol out of your blood stream, which improves your overall cholesterol levels and reduces your risk of developing heart disease.

3. Policosanol. This substance is a natural derivative of sugar cane wax that works to fix the impaired breakdown of cholesterol and keep it from being over-manufactured. If other natural supplements like garlic and niacin are not working for you, it could be because your body has an impaired ability to break down cholesterol properly, in which case policosanol would be a smart supplement to try.

Some drug trials have even shown that policosanol works better than prescription drugs at decreasing cholesterol levels, and it does so without all the harsh side effects. It has undergone much scrutiny from the medical community and has been proved to be a safe and healthy option for reducing cholesterol. Just do not get discouraged if you do not see results right away, as this supplement often takes six to eight weeks to take full effect.

4. Red Yeast Rice . This substance is a type of fungus that contains a natural form of statin, which is a class of prescription medication for cholesterol. Although prescription cholesterol cures that contain statin can have the side effect of muscle pain, natural statin has no proven side effects, and it can lower your bad cholesterol by as much as twenty to thirty percent.

5. Evening Primrose. The seeds of this herb contain an oil rich in a fatty acid called GLA. This fatty acid has been shown in recent trials to significantly reduce cholesterol levels in many individuals.

The cholesterol cures listed above are all completely natural and can at times be even more effective than prescription drugs when it comes to decreasing your risk of heart disease. They have practically no adverse side effects, and are also much cheaper than prescription medication, so why not give them a try? Tale a visit to your local health store to find these and other supplements that will help you safely lower your cholesterol and stay healthy.