Blood pressure is essentially the measure of the pressure of blood that is pushed against the walls of the blood vessels. One of the reasons why high blood pressure is such a dangerous condition is because when it puts extra pressure on the heart to work harder in pumping blood that is to be sent to the body. To a certain degree, it also hardens the treaties and if ignored can lead to heart failure.

Causative Factors

There is no absolute clarity as to what exactly causes the symptoms of this condition. However, there are numerous conditions and factors that play a critical role in its development, such as:

• Obesity or being highly overweight
• Habitual Smoking
• Lack of any kind of physical activity
• Consuming excess amounts of salt in the diet
• Excessive consumption of alcohol
• Insufficient potassium intake
• Old age
• Stress
• Genetics
• Family history of the same condition
• Thyroid disorders
• Adrenal disorders
• Chronic kidney disease

Difficult Diagnosis

The fact of the matter is that in almost 95% of the reported cases of blood pressure in the United States, the main cause of the condition can not be diagnosed. This is what doctors refer to as essential hypertension. The medical world has not been able to unravel the mystery of essential hypertension. However, it has been directly linked to some risk factors. To a certain degree, high pressure is genetic and men are more affected by it than women. Race and age are factors that play a significant role as well. According to recent statistics, in the United States, people of black descent are 2 times more prone to hypertension than white people are.

The Age Factor

However, around the age of 44, this gap tends to narrow-down. Black women above the age of 65 are the most prone to this condition. Lifestyle and diet also play a very important role in essential hypertension. Salt is another very well-known cause. Most people with high blood pressure are sensitive to salt. This simply means that even a little excess of salt can raise their pressure.

Secondary Hypertension

When it is not possible to identify the direct cause of the symptoms, the condition is known as secondary hypertension. This condition may be caused by kidney disease tumors and other abnormalities that make adrenal glands secret excess amounts of hormones that raise blood pressure. Estrogen-containing birth control pills and pregnancy will also cause the same symptoms and so can certain medicines that constrict the blood vessels.