Are you an average American? If so, you will die of cardiovascular disease. Typically, a heart attack is the culprit. If you are average, you do not wish to die early, you do not wish to live a life that is limited by disease, you do not wish to spend huge amounts of your family income and assets on heart attack care, and you do wish to see your children grow up. I think you can have your wishes. Read on.

Although there are several causes of heart attack, one stands out as a huge factor. Atherosclerosis is commonly thought of as hardening of the arteries. More accurately, the inside surface of the artery builds up with plaque. This substance contributes to the insufficiency of the artery to allow enough blood to flow through it to provide oxygen to our tissues. When it happens in a heart artery it can be deadly. This plaque can lead to blood clots that suddenly stop up the artery carrying oxygen to the heart muscle. The result can be the death of part of the heart muscle also known as heart attack. Americans die of heart disease more that any other problem according to the Center for Disease Control.

But why does this happen and what can be done about it?

Commonly listed causes are: free radicals, saturated fats, and other factors directly resulting from poor diet as well as a lack of proper exercise. Let us start with proper exercise. We want to know why we must drag ourselves from in front of the TV and outside or to the gym to exercise.

There are at least two good answers:

  1. Aerobic exercise increases how much oxygen deprivation our heart can stand without going into heart pain and heart attack. Ask a health care professional familiar with your physical condition before attacking this too ambitiously, but do attack it.
  2. Aerobic exercise increases the flexibility of the blood vessels which lessen the likelihood of heart attack.

If you want to live a lifestyle that does not include a heart attack this is a great place to start. I did mention free radicals, saturated fats, and other factors directly resulting from poor diet.

Poor nutrition is completely addressed by the Mucusless Diet. If you would like to know more about this diet, type “Jim Spalding and Mucusless Diet” into the search engine on the internet and you should be able to find information that has been placed there for you. To dramatically show what poor diet does to the average American, a couple of reporters from ABC were tested at Cardiologist Robert Vogel's lab before and after subjecting themselves to what many would think was a great meal. This included: 3 course lunch, bacon cheeseburger wrapped in quesadilla, deep-fried macaroni and cheese appetizer, and a great cookie smothered in ice-cream. (More than 6000 calories and 187 Grams saturated fat).

What was the result? 2 hours later ….

  • Blood discolored with fat
  • narrowed arteries struggled to keep blood flow due to impaired endothelial function

This is just from ONE meal! Think about a regular lifestyle of this type of food. Does it sound familiar? Is it any wonder that we Americans die mainly of cardiovascular disease? You should watch the video of the report for yourself at . Diet is the second method you have to beat this and stay out of the ER.

Diet and exercise are very good. If you want to aggressively pursue this monster called heart attack, then cleansing and herbal aids are for you. What is cleansing? This is using normal body channels of elimination to rid our systems of noxious poisons and harmful substances so that they stop killing us. One wonderful and effective example is the Three Day Juice Cleanse. For instructions, please refer to my blog site.

Next are herbal aids. These would include:

  • Cayenne to open up and rebuild the blood vessels and prevent heart attack
  • Apple Cider Vinegar to help remove the built-up plaque from arms
  • A blood circulation formula that includes ginger, cayenne, goldenseal, ginseng, parsley, and garlic.
  • Hawthorne Berry syrup (if you already have had heart attack)

Do not be average! Do not let the cardiovascular disease problem of heart attack by atherosclerosis kill you. Watch your children grow up. Use Diet, Exercise, Cleansing, and Herbal Aids to beat this killer of Americans. For more precise information on using these procedures, please contact me through my blog site listed below.