You have heard it countless times: watch your cholesterol levels because the higher it is, the worse the shape you're in. But what are the exact dangers of cholesterol? What will foods high in cholesterol do to your body? Let's first talk about the source of cholesterol. It comes from foods rich in animal fats. Your steak that's ringed with fat and the fries that come along with it have cholesterol.

Different bodies have different ways of coping with cholesterol. For some people, it will tend to spike rather fast, especially if in addition to high fat foods, they eat refined and over-processed food. In other people, the build up will be slower slow, and these are those who usually have a reasonably good diet and incorporate some exercise into their lives.

To know cholesterol levels requires a simple blood test from your local medical care center. Having these checks regularly, like each time you have your annual check-up, will help you curve an oncoming cholesterol problem.

So what exactly are the dangers of foods high in cholesterol? They are many.

First and foremost, we already said that it comes from foods with too much animal fat, so the initial thing you notice may be gain gain. This will usually settle around the mid-section, close to your heart where then the real danger starts to threaten.

You may have seen teeth that have a plaque build-up. The same happens as you go on to consume more and more cholesterol rich foods. The cholesterol will start to line your blood vessels so that they get clogged. You know what your veins and arms look like. Imagine them slowly getting filled with deposits of fat. Occasionally, they will block. And then your natural blood flow will be interfereed with.

You know anginas? They are usually the first indication that there is a significant amount of build-up. An angina is when you suffer from such shortness of breath that it comes with pain. Your chest vessels have so much fat in them that breathing is getting so labored as to get painful.

Let's assume that you do not pay attention to your diet even after you suffer an angina. Two things can happen. This fat build up can discolate from your blood vessel and keep traveling along the vein or artery. Because the vessel itself is already blocked, it's not having a very easy time moving around. Or the fat deposits can become so thick that blood can no longer pass through. The result is a blood clot. In either of the two situations, you will get a heart attack.

A heart attack will lead to all kinds of complications after that, including death for many people. In fact, in the United States alone, the statistics for people who die from heart attacks, combined with those who suffer problems resultant from a heart attack account for more of the medical budget for the country than any other condition.

The best thing that you can do is avoid foods that have too much animal fat and are over-processed. You do not have to completely eliminate red meat from your diet, or fries or anything else. Use good judgment and eat meals that are balanced and that provide you with the right nutrition. Make sure to add in lots of fruit and vegetables as they are cholesterol busters.

It's hard to make a list of all the foods that can cause you cholesterol damage, but now that you know the dangers that are posed by foods high in cholesterol, you should make a point of checking that your diet contains the right elements and that you 're not consuming too much cholesterol.