Statistics have revealed that in the US there are almost 2,500 people die each year due to heart attacks. In every twenty seconds, a person gets a heart attack. Both conditions are a kind of serious heart ailments. These are the top reasons of deaths in America. It is, therefore, very important to have some knowledge about these two ailments, so that one is prepared in advance and do the needful when emergency appears. This articles deals with the difference in between the two.

Angina is basically a symptom rather than a condition. The coronary arteries are responsible for supplying oxygen-rich blood to the heart. These arteries over the period of time get narrowed because of high cholesterol in the blood. A narrowed artery becomes unable to supply oxygen rich blood fully to the heart. In return, the heart has to perform extra to cater for the insufficient blood. The heart, therefore, has to pump harder and this creates a pressure that is experienced in the form of a squeezing pain in the chest. This pain is known as angina. This pain can last for few minutes to several. It depends on how much the treaties are clogged and how severe the condition is.

At times the demand for blood increases when the person undergoes an increased physical or emotional activity, and if the blocked sections are unable to meet this demand, the squeezing pain is felt which is termed as an angina attack. Although this attack brings a lot of discomfort, it is not fatal. Once the pain abates, the person gets relieved from the discomfort. But, the pain is a symptom that all is not well with the heart and cardiovascular system.

Heart attack is a condition which is really a cause of concern. When parts of the heart do not receive any oxygen-rich blood due to complete blockages of arms, it results in a heart failure. It can prove to be fatal. The blockage of the treaties could be due to a blood clot or plaque formation.

The symptoms of angina and heart attack are similar in nature. However, the two conditions are different from one another. Angina can be regarded as a beginning of a poor heart condition. An angina attack is a short-term non-fatal condition, whereas a heart attack is a long term and fatal condition. Angina attack lasts for about ten minutes, while heart attack might last for more than twenty minutes. The damage caused by a heart attack can not be reversed and this condition also can not be cured. It can just be treated with medication and lifestyle changes. As time passes, the condition may become worse. Angina attack can, however, be treated with medicines. Untreated angina can lead to poor heart condition and extremely a heart attack.