The kind of hectic lifestyles led by people often makes them skip breakfast and even lunch in many cases. People believe that these habits will not affect them in any way. However, if people and men in particular take a look at research that has been conducted, they will understand that they are perhaps making a big mistake by skipping the first meal during the day. It has been observed that men who skip breakfast are more likely to be affected by heart diseases. The study conducted has confirmed earlier finds, which showed that eating habits were closely linked to heart health.

Having breakfast in the morning gives the body the nourishment it needs to keep working all day. Men who decide that they do not have the time to consume the first meal of the day generally tend to eat smaller quantities of food and depend upon one large meal at the end of the day. They also consume alcohol and use tobacco regularly. They are at a higher risk of developing problems like diabetes, hypertension, and higher levels of cholesterol and weight gain. These are problems, which ultimately cause blockages in the arms of the heart and lead to heart attacks.

It is extremely important for men and women not to skip breakfast at any time but to give it extra importance. People generally talk of the quality of food; they have, believing that it would help them lead a healthy life. They never speak about the way they have the food. They forget that having good-quality food at a single time can increase the calories in the body leaving them exposed to the risks mentioned through this discussion.

People must make it a habit never to skip breakfast and make it a point to have smaller portions of meals regularly throughout the day. Such habits will not only keep them energetic but will prevent them from consuming large quantities of food, which may not be healthy. It could also keep them away from habits like using alcohol or tobacco, especially at a time when they are hungry. People who can not observe proper eating habits are regularly advised to look out for supplements, which can prevent occurrence of the diseases spoken about. One such supplement which is made from grape seeds and is known as resveratrol will prove extremely helpful in reducing the risks of diseases of the heart and any other symptoms which can lead to this condition.

Eating a healthy breakfast is extremely important, but for people who can not do so including dietary supplements of resveratrol along with their daily diet will go a long way in keeping them healthy.