If you read the health blogs closely, you will read how coronary heart disease or CHD is the primary cause of death for both men and women in the US. It has been found that taking omega 3 can help in ward off this deadly disease.

What is CHD?

You could feel some discomfort or pain in your chest. You get a feeling as if someone was giving you a bear hug or you may just feel a mild pressure in your chest. This could possibly be due to some erection in the blood flowing to your heart having been cut off due to a blood clot. You could also feel a burning sensation similar to acid indigestion. Since quite many people suffer from acid indigestion, they could have overlooked this sign of angina or a heart attack. If this blockage is not removed, the muscles of your heart could start to degenerate. A person with these symptoms requires immediate medical intervention or it could have been a matter of life and death to him.

Do you have a family history of CHD? Have you experienced any of the type of chest discomfort described above? If the answer is “YES”, then it is high time that you consult your doctor immediately. If you still do not have any heart problems, even then you should consider adding omega 3 to your diet.

Talk to your doctor about omega 3. My doctor supports it and so do most of the people in the medical fraternity. They are aware that the unsaturated fats present in fish can help you reduce your chances of developing Coronary Heart Disease. The AHA recommends that people eat fish at least twice a week such as salmon, tuna or cold water oily fish. Cat fish does not contain omega 3. I wish the cat fish had all these qualities, I love cat fish. Salmon has the maximum amount of omega 3 in it, tuna may not have that much, but it is still beneficial to eat. Most of the sea food can give you omega 3 but only in minute quantities. Fresh water fish usually contains less amount of omega 3 than the salt water fish. Only a type of trout found in fresh water can give you fairly high levels of the omega 3. So the trout also can be a good option for you. Catfish and tilapia are not as heart healthy as other fish. They contain a higher amount of the unhealthy fats. While cooking the fish, broiling or baking is a much better option than deep frying.

These unsaturated fatty acids or omega 3 found in the cold water fish will probably lower your HDL cholesterol. This would enable the oxygen rich blood to flow freely to your heart. This would greatly reduce your chances of getting a heart attack.

Omega 3 also helps in reducing inflammation in your body. They could also reduce your triglyceride and control your blood pressure. The benefits are endless.

Who would have thought that just by adding one type of food to our diet could make such a major change in our lives.