Meditation is a common form of practice known to spiritual world. Many people in the ancient human civilization have practiced it and reaped benefits of this great truth of harnessing the power of spiritual world. In the contemporary world of hustle and bustle we have forgotten to appreciate life around us and keep our mind calm.

In Today's world the human race is fighting for a balance between self-awareness and Bodily needs. The material need of the flesh is giving rise to many internal hurts such as insecurity, Solitudeness, Greed, Jealousy, divorces, unwanted comparisons, anger and Vengeance. These qualities of human being makes the body produce more stress hormones that alters your blood pressure.

Human generation is progressively witnessing ill-health due to lack of primary love and affection. Body consciousness is increasingly felt while the consciousness of the soul is missing. The principle of spirituality which is the third world of our consciousness is unable to harness healing power of the invisible world. It is a simple process of turning this on that could synchronize body, soul and spirit and keep one fit.

Mediation is one of the process that integrates soul and the spirit. It's a simple process that any body could begin working on. It starts by getting away from a noisy world to a secluded place (a room, a park or weekly break) and sitting in a posture with your legs folded and overlapping, eyes closed and focussing on the positive energies and positivity of your life, while taking deeper breaths and releasing all the negatives of our life forms is the critical part of meditation.

The focus of meditation is to make you more soul conscious than body conscious. Meditating continuously helps you develop Peace, Fearlessness, Eglessness, faithfulness, truthfulness and keeps you contended. The body reciprates by producing anti stress hormones keeping your blood pressure and heath beats healthy.

What good does it make to one if one adopts a stressful life and earn material wealth while you lose health? Choose your job carefully and your life needs carefully. For being contended is the root to being healthy and ageless.

I have seen some of the people who have taken meditation with absolute seriousness and attained big results. My dad who is 78 practices meditation and keep his body fit by walking for about 2 hours daily and is healthy and enjoys eating every food that he wants to have. He is never been to a hospital for the last 34 years that I have known him with wisdom.

The benefits of keeping your body exercised and integrating one's soul and spirit through meditation can yield lasting results and keep you happy, joyous and healthy. This process will also ensure to keep the unwanted practices away from your life and build up good habits that can otherwise harm your health.

To answer the question that I raised earlier, does meditation help you manage blood pressure ,? the answer is “YES”, the process is simple, the benefits are long-lasting and economic, give it a try to build your health brick by brick.