Many say that exercise is an effective way to lower cholesterol. But is it really sufficient to reduce your numbers? Experts say yes, it certainly is. And what's great about exercise to lower cholesterol is the fact that not only can it reduce your numbers, but it can also decrease your risk for a lot of health conditions. So if you want a healthy heart, you should get moving … now.

Exercise lowers your blood cholesterol because it burns the excess fat you have. And in addition to helping you lose the excess weight you carry, it also gets your heart working more efficiently. When you exercise, you really look and feel better about yourself and your body. This is because your heart is pumping well, which means your blood is circulating effectively, so your body is getting the right amount of oxygen, making you feel energized and happy.

If you're planning to start exercising for a healthy heart, but have been enjoying a sedentary lifestyle for a while now, remember to take it slow. Do not immediately run a marathon in your quest to lower cholesterol and be healthy … you may just collapse after a couple of meters. You have to go slow. Start walking or jogging every morning. Start with 10 minutes and typically work your way to 30 minutes daily. And do not forget to warm up before any exercise, and also to cool down afterwards.

Seriously, there are so many benefits when you exercise. In addition to all the health benefits, you also get to reduce the tension and stress you're feeling. You'll feel more relaxed and rested. And since exercise helps you stay fit, you also enjoy a better self-image and have more confidence in yourself.

Honestly, there's no reason why you can not start an exercise program today to lower cholesterol. Of course, it's best to have yourself checked first, especially if you're of age and are suffering from any conditions such as hypertension or diabetes. Once you get the signal from your doctor, make the commitment to exercise regularly. Because if you're not going to keep at it, then it's not going to effectively lower your cholesterol and keep you healthy.

So yes, exercise to lower cholesterol is effective, but it should be done regularly and continuously if you want to see effects. You can not start and then suddenly decide to give up. So start working for a healthy heart. Start exercising today.