The words sterols and cholesterol will be of importance to you if you have recently been diagnosed as suffering from high levels of cholesterol.

High levels of cholesterol are worrying as these can lead to the blocking and clogging up of the body's arteries which carry the blood around the body. No-one wants to hear that this could in fact prove fatal. The risk of heart disease increases substantively for anyone suffering from high levels of cholesterol.

It is not all despair. There is action that you can take to reduce your levels of cholesterol. There are products available to you which can be purchased easily, quickly and for a very reasonable price.

Sterols are recommended for those suffering with high cholesterol levels. Research suggests that the consumption and ingestion of sterols can help to reduce the bad cholesterol affecting the arteries. It is the bad cholesterol, also known as LDL, which builds up on the walls of the arteries causing these to narrow and extremely lead to heart disease.

What Are Sterols?

Sterols are naturally found in plants, animals and some food produce such as rice bran, avocado oil, extra virgin olive oil and soya beans.

They can reduce cholesterol levels which in turn reduce the risk of heart disease, heart attacks and strokes.

They are particularly effective when ingested with food. Indeed, there are spreadable products on the market which contain them. Some margarine's containing them are marked as being good for the heart. They can also be found in similar marked food dressings and yoghurt's.

They can also be taken in a dietary supplement form to help reduce cholesterol. These can be easily purchased and taken with food. Such supplements can be taken at your convenience and at a regular frequency to enable you to control the levels of consumption of them.

It is widely suggested that the benefits of sterols are dose related. It therefore follows that the higher the levels that are ingested, the better the results will be in reducing those high levels of cholesterol.

Those with high levels of cholesterol know that it is essential to reduce it. A GP will usually recommend a change of diet, a regular exercise regimen and the reduction of alcohol consumption and smoking. Often this can prove difficult in today's society of busy working and family lives.

Benefit Of Sterols

The benefits of sterols will therefore appeal to you. You can control the levels consumed and taking such supplements is easy and quick. It is suggested that properly taken, at an approved dosage, can in fact produce results within as little as 2 weeks. IN other words, your high levels of cholesterol can be reduced within a short period of time.

In addition to them helping to reduce cholesterol levels, it is widely accepted that sterols have other health benefits. It is accepted that ingested they can also help in the prevention of cancer and rheumatoid arthritis along with numerous other health conditions.

Sterols work by effectively blocking cholesterol absorption in the intestine which in turn help to reduce the build up of bad cholesterol within the body's arteries. Ultimately, this will reduce the risk of heart disease and give you peace of mind. Of course, worry and stress will only cause further health problems.