Many people ask, how long does it usually take to reduce cholesterol? Well, it really depends on how high your current levels are and the actions you plan to take to lower it. If you're looking to lower cholesterol fast, I have to tell you, it's not an easy task. But it is possible as long as you're determined to succeed and do not give up.

Here are tips and techniques to lower cholesterol fast:

1. Plan your diet

Diet modification is the first step to getting those numbers down. You need to avoid foods high in saturated fat, and increase your intake of foods high in “good” fats and fiber.

This means avoiding potato chips, red steak and French fries. What you should do is eat foods rich in good fats, such as fish, nuts and avocado.

You also need to raise your intake of foods loaded with fiber, such as vegetables, fruits, and whole grains and exports. An excellent source of soluble fiber, which helps eliminate bad cholesterol in your body, is oatmeal, so you should definitely make oatmeal part of your daily meal to lower cholesterol fast.

2. Get moving

Nothing gets your cholesterol down faster than doing regular exercise. You need to do at least 30 minutes of exercise everyday to make sure your cholesterol level goes down. To lower cholesterol fast, you should consider doing vigorous exercises, not just moderate ones. So instead of walking, go jogging or do some running. And instead of doing only 10 miles, go for 15. This will definitely help you get those numbers down quickly.

3. Quit the bad habits

Smoking and excess alcohol alcohol and caffeine drink has been linked to high cholesterol. If you really want to reduce cholesterol quickly, you should consider quitting these bad habits now.

4. Consider medications and supplements

If your cholesterol level is rather high, your doctor may prescribe medications for you. Sometimes the best way to reduce cholesterol is quickly taking those cholesterol-lowering drugs.

But if you're determined to lower cholesterol fast and naturally, you can consider taking supplements as an alternative. Of course, it is still best to consult with your health care practitioner before starting any supplements.

Some popular supplements include red yeast rice, fenugreek, green tea, coenzyme 10 and niacin.

5. Determination to succeed

This is probably the most important thing you need to do to lower cholesterol fast. Without the determination to succeed, then you're going to be slacking off and not keeping up with your healthy heart regimen, so how will you ever get those numbers down?

If you want to start this journey, you need to keep at it day in and day out. No slacking off. To reduce cholesterol quickly, you must have the determination to succeed in getting a healthy heart.