The ever growing rate of heart problems in the world today makes it more critical that we learn ways of reversing heart disease. Many different kinds exist and some of these include heart attack, coronary heart disease, and congestive heart failure as well. While the majority of these conditions are inherited, you can still reduce the risks by following four important tips.

The appearance of the treaties is determined by what a person chooses to eat; meaning that real foods are important foods that can prevent these conditions. Many foods that are high in cholesterol and fat can clog the arteries and cause plaque to build up; these foods need to be avoided. At a blockage rate of close to 90 percent, the increased chances of a heart attack increases exponentially. In unclogging the arteries, eggs, onions, garlic, and green leafy foods, are of the greatest help in this situation.

With the heart needing to pump 2000 gallons of blood through the body, it needs to stay healthy and strong to complete this task. Exercise is very important to the needs of the heart, which is why it is step two. Making sure that you keep active and exercise regularly will help in reversing heart disease. You can make sure you go on small walks during your breaks or go running when you can; there is no need to join any kind of gym to stay active.

Plaque can still build up from dealing with stress, even though a person may have been eating healthy and exercising regularly. Heart disease has many factors for causes and the combination of both physical and emotional stress have a part as well. Even though one step to preventing heart disease requires exercise, you should never do too much because it can be potentially fatal. The same can be said about emotional stress as well; while some stress is ok, others can contribute as a factor.

For the final tip, preventing heart disease can take the form of taking nutritional vitamins and supplements like Omega 3 fatty acids and magnesium. If you are able to eat fish twice a week, that is good, but for those that do not particularly enjoy fish, you can choose to take a fish oil supplement. Often people do realize how important magnesium is to the heart and how they can lack in it. Magnesium has the ability to help in not only strengthening the heart, but also keeping the stress off of it during rigorous workouts.

Knowing that you have an affect on everyone, you should consider these four tips. The heart may not be healthy even though you look and feel healthy. Keeping yourself healthy inside and out is the main method in reversing heart disease.