Lowering your LDL cholesterol is easy with a very healthy diet. Avoiding certain foods while including others in a diet can be the perfect recipe. A stringent diet plan can yield noticeable results within a month.

Switch to a Vegetarian Diet

A low-fat vegetarian diet is an effective method for lowering your LDL. Onions and citrus fruits are rich sources of flavonoids that can help naturally lower cholesterol. A vegetarian diet rich in soluble fiber is also proved to lower LDL levels. Beans, oats and flaxseed should be included in the diet, as they have a high percentage of soluble fiber which acts as a sponge to absorb LDL from the blood stream. Pectin found in fruits, especially apples, also reduces the LDL levels in the blood stream.

Vegetables and fruits are best consumed in their natural form. Processed and canned foods need to be avoided because most of the benefits are lost in processing and canning. The best dishes may be those that are steamed, baked and boiled. Combining exercise with a vegetarian diet is beneficial in lowering your cholesterol.

Include Soy Products

Research shows that soy has properties that can lower cholesterol. Soy protein taken along with a low fat diet can help in lower cholesterol. Soy protein is available in tofu, soy powder, soya milk, soya nuggets and other soya products.

Eat Fish rich in Omega -3 Fatty Acids

Salmon, tuna, mackerel, sardines and other cold water fish are excellent sources of Omega – 3 fatty acids that aid in lowering cholesterol. Two to three servings of fish is recommended by doctors.

Consume the Right Fats

Olive oil and Canola have high concentration of monounsaturated fats and are considered as the best oils for lowering your LDL. Monounsaturated fats remove the bad cholesterol without disturbing the good cholesterol. Walnuts, almonds and avocados also have high levels of monounsaturated fats and can be consumed for beneficial results in lowering your cholesterol.

Foods that Harm

There are certain foods that must be avoided because they raise LDL cholesterol. These foods include high fat processed meats, such as bacon, sausages, salami, pork chops and marbled beef. The unsaturated fats in these meats add to the LDL level in your body. Lean cuts should be chosen over fatty meats. Foods that fall under the 'junk food' category need to be avoided completely. French fries, burgers, cookies and cakes are just a few examples of foods that must not be eaten when working to lower your cholesterol, since these foods are prepared using hydrogenated oil that are rich in saturated fats and elevate your LDL.

Lowering your LDL is possible if the right approach towards food is adopted. It is not about eating like a rabbit with bland food, but about including beneficial foods in your diet. Foods that are recommended for lowering your cholesterol can counter the effects of the wrong foods that you may eat. Exercise plays a major role in lowering LDL levels as it burns fat. Following a daily exercise routine along with eating right is the best way for managing bad cholesterol.