If you have risk factors for heart disease, then you should see a health care provider. It may be recommended that you go a calcium screening. This can be done through a cardiovascular heart scan. It will take images of your heart to determine if you have arterial plaque deposits. It is also a good idea to do so if you have had any procedures or open heart surgery. You can have plaque in your arms. Once you know that you have plaque in your arms, you will be in increased risk for developing heart attacks.

Some of the most common risk factors exist is developing arterial plaque and then a heart attack. However, these are also risk factors for so many other diseases such as liver cancer. It is important for the person to consider what they are doing or not doing, can lead to serious problems with their health in the long term.

One risk factor to look at is smoking. Smoking is the most serious conditions and can develop into heart disease. If you smoke you are more likely to put yourself at risk of heart disease than someone who does not. The reason is because the chemicals in cigarette smoke can affect the blood. It can cause blood flow into sluggish and lacks the normal amount of oxygen in the red blood cells. Blood that is moving slowly will not provide nutrients to the tissues in time will also have a greater chance of depositing cholesterol in the walls of the artery. This situation is further complicated by the contents of the smoke thinning the walls of the artery. This is all a recipe for disaster as there is decreased oxygen during this process.

Another big risk factor that can contribute to arterial plaque and a heart attack is lack of exercise. Doctors have been telling us for years that we need to exercise. The reason for this is exercise has been shown to increase the strength of the wall of the artery. When an arterial plaque forms, it is deep within the vessel wall of the artery. As it continues to grow in size, it can thin the layer of the artery wall as it stretches to compensate for the plaque growing inside of it.

Sometimes the wall will become too thin and burst. This is a serious condition that can happen in almost any artery of the body. So imagine this happening within the brain or heart. Instead exercise is advised by doctors because it strengthens the arterial wall and makes it hard for the layer to become thin and burst. This is great prevention for a heart attack.