There is a need for suitable alternatives to statin drugs due to the various negative side effects. Although the reduction of cholesterol levels in the blood is essential to prevent heart attacks and other life threatening health conditions, there is really no need for taking these drugs. There are many natural alternatives to statin drugs that will lower the level of cholesterol without any negative impact. These are as good, if not better, than statin drugs.

Statins may impact people different depending on their tolerance level. The sunset of side effects also depends on many factors such as age, sex, body constitution, overall health condition, lifestyle, etc. Also, the strength of the complications can vary, and may range from mild to very serious life threatening issues. Therefore, it is necessary to find suitable alternatives to statin drugs.

Complications include:

  • Severe headache
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Flushing of the skin with rashes and other blemishes
  • Muscle aches, tenderness, or weakness (myalgia) with overall fatigue
  • Drowsiness with or without vomiting
  • Dizziness and getting disoriented suddenly
  • Nausea and / or vomiting
  • Abdominal cramping and / or pain and ability to take food or water
  • Bloating and / or gas in the stomach and heavy feeling in the abdomen
  • Diarrhea for long periods
  • Heavy constipation

A person that already has reliably good health may find these side effects to be very mild or even non-existent. However, for those people that have other health concerns, not taking statins altogether must be considered as these drugs could potentially bring down the quality of life drastically.

In addition to the side effects indicated above, other common health complications include:

  • Memory loss and brain damage
  • Mental confusion with inability to think
  • High blood sugar with type 2 diabetes disorientation

When taking other medications not related to cholesterol, statins may cause heavy interference with unpredictable results. Due to this, it is very necessary to find the right alternatives to statin drugs.

There are yet another set of rare but potentially dangerous side effects that cause inflammation of muscles called as Myositis. This condition is known to cause a high amount of muscle damage and occurs when statin drugs are taken with Fibrate (another cholesterol drug).

Finally, statins can also cause a serious health condition called creatine kinase. This also causes overall muscle damage and may even cripple a person for life as it is known to dissolve the muscle structure of the body.

Please seek out alternatives of statin drugs, and be saved from the potentially dangerous adverse side effects.