With the knowledge about statin drugs becoming clear now, there is much confusion in the medical community as to their usability for decreasing cholesterol levels. Statin drugs were considered to be of great help in lowering cholesterol levels and reducing overall cardio vascular risks. This drug is a prescription only, and is capable of reducing the risk of stroke and heart attack. However, the side effects associated with the use of this drug makes it a big gamble for the claimed benefits. As such, there is a major need for statin alternatives.

With so many side effects of statin drugs, you have to exercise the utmost prudence in opting for the drug. After taking into consideration various factors that adversely affect your overall health, your doctor has to be very careful while prescribing these drugs. Statin alternatives have to be explored with the same diligence. The list of side effects are fairly long:

• Homicidal urges with associated psychological problems

• Liver damage and irregularities leading to digestion problems

• Nausea and vomiting

• Fast loss of mental clearness with loss of mental equilibrium

• Diarrhea

• Tingling or cramping in the legs with leg weakness

• Aching muscles and weakness

• Hostility and panic conditions

• Irritability and short tempers leading to mental frustration

• Problems sleeping with associated sleeping disorders

• Impaired muscle development with reduction of muscle mass

• Muscle pain and inflammation

• Erectile dysfunction with inability to perform sexually

Kidney failure

• Constipation with irregular bowel movement

• Inability to walk or move major muscle groups

• Loss of memory

Neuropathy with nervous instability

• Mental confusion and inability to concentrate

• Nerve damage

• Obliteration of CoQ10, a vital nutrient for health etc.

Statin drugs work by blocking the enzyme produced by the liver that is responsible for depositing cholesterol in the blood vessels. It is able to reduce the LDL (“bad”) cholesterol. But the bad side effects, like Creatine Kinase, lead to enhanced levels of the CPK enzyme. This causes muscle inflammation that result in overall muscle weakness and loss of muscle mass. This condition is called as the rhabdomyloysis and is considered to be one of the worst side effects. Patients suffering from this condition should seriously consider statin alternatives.

Another adverse effect is the overload of protein to the kidneys. This is caused by the large amount of protein that is released by damaged muscles. This can be very harmful.

Therefore, the side effects of statin drugs far outweigh its benefits, and you must be very careful while exercising your option to use this controversial medicine. Taking statin drugs is a lifetime commitment, and as a result, the side effects can be lifetime ailments. Statin alternatives DO exist, and have to be considered as a form of treatment.