Statins are used to reduce cholesterol levels in your body and has become the norm in present day medicine. Although it is a well-known fact that statin medication gives rise to so many adverse side effects, prescribing this dangerous drug is being programmed as the only way to bring down your cholesterol numbers. But is this true? Do you really have to take statin drugs for lowering your cholesterol? You have many options that are less invasive and do not cause detrimental effects to your health.

Statin drugs are extremely dangerous for people with severe cardiovascular disease. Many studies have shown that the side effects caused by statin medication are far worse than the high cholesterol itself. Medical professionals that claim that these drugs are safe are really causing serious damage to the overall health of thousands of people every year.

With the availability of so many great alternatives, there is really no need to put yourself at risk by taking statin drugs. There are many sources available, both online and offline, to inform you of the ill-effects of statin medication, and once you do the research, you will be convinced that your doctor does not have your best interest at heart by not seeking alternatives.

In fact, a cholesterol level of 200 is not very dangerous to your health. It can cause serious health implications only when it rises above 400. But modern health professionals blindly make you a “good” candidate for statin drugs as soon as your cholesterol level goes above 200. Why is this? Is done for bureaucratic reasons not tied to your health? Money? We do know.

Your baseline cholesterol level is tied to the genetic structure of your body. This of course varies widely from person to person. Often times, this is not taken into account before prescribed statin medication. Your elevated cholesterol may be easily controlled by putting you on a low glycemic diet. This combined with a hormone optimization process can bring down your triglyceride levels. You can totally avoid statin drugs by engaging in regular exercise and adding more fiber to your diet.

Statin drugs may be necessary only for those people with high cardiovascular risks such as:

  • Hypertension
  • Low HDL cholesterol
  • Insulin resistance
  • High triglycerides

But we see that statin medication is being prescribed for healthy people having none of these risks. People are being made to suffer from the long term adverse side effects like rhabdomyolysis and other types of life crippling deformities. Why?

Statin drugs are really not necessary for everyone with high cholesterol levels. It is good only for those with serious cardiovascular risks. Statin drugs do not add to your overall health, and you must avoid them as much as possible. Even if prescribed by your doctor.