The family of drugs called “statins” are drugs used to lower cholesterol. Statin drugs are chemical substances that are synthesized in laboratories through an artificial process. These substances are completely man-made, unnatural, and when taken for long periods of time, they have many bad side effects. Some of which could be life-threatening.

Statin medications are a source of HUGE profits for drug companies. Not only doctors, but the entire medical community will go to great lengths at promoting these drugs as the best way of lowering cholesterol levels. This is done in spite of the bad side effects. Statin drugs are available in many brand names:

  • Lipitor
  • Mevacor
  • Pravachol
  • Crestor
  • Zocor
  • Xanax

Why Do Doctors Knowly Prescribe Statins ?

Even though they are aware of the associated statin drug side effects, it is commonplace for doctors to prescribe these medicines. This is mostly due to commercial considerations and compulsions from the pharmaceutical companies that manufacture and market these drugs. These pharmaceutical companies lure doctors to prescribe statins to unwary patients. This completely takes away the honesty and integrity of the healthcare industry. Doctors now run purely on commercial considerations despite the inherent health hazards caused by these drugs.

Doctors are made to believe that statin drugs are “miracle drugs.” They can bring down the risk of cardiovascular diseases by “magic.” This is wholly untrue. In fact, due to their unwillingness to see the real picture of statin drug side effects, doctors along with the greedy pharmaceutical companies are making outrageous profits at the peril of their patients. Therefore, they grossly violate service standards and in some cases lower their professional ethics to satisfy commercial interests.

Statin drugs have become the greatest farce of the present day medicine. There are so many side effects that once known, a patient may never enter a doctor's office that prescribes this medicine. Doctors who knowingly prescribe statin medication without seeking alternatives are essentially allowing their patients to be “enrolled” by a pharmaceutical company. But many doctors sill continue to put their patient's health at risk. Why?

Doctors have become puppets for big drug companies. They are paid part of the profits and are made to put their patient's health at a greater risk than the one they went to get treated for. The profits are in the billions and they showing signs of getting smaller in the future.

So, avoid the doctor who is reckless in putting your life at risk. Know the alternative ways of lowering your cholesterol levels. By doing this, you can easily take control of your own health without the use of statin drugs. You can then live a life of good health without suffering from statin drug side effects.