As we grow up we like to try different foods in order to widen our experience and to find new pleasures. We naturally single out the ones that we like the taste of, but many of us are un-aware that most of the delicious, tasty ones are bad for our health because they contain high levels of cholesterol.

Foods like pork, butter, eggs, steaks, cooking oils and numerous others all contain too much cholesterol than is good for us to consume. However, all is not lost – there are actually a great many kinds of lower cholesterol foods out there that can help in this process and we are pleased to list just a few of them below:

1. Soya Milk – as it contains no saturated fat it is a good substitute for cow's milk. The protein it contains actually decreases the cholesterol in our body and it contains no lactose which is a cause of further problems for many.

2. Green Tea – Great for all-round health and well-being, because it is a very good antioxidant, a cup of this delicious beverage after a meal will help remove bad cholesterol and chemicals from our blood stream and arterial network and reduce the possibility of heart disease.

3. Tuna – very good for our heart because it contains high levels of cholesterol-lowering Omega-3 fatty acids. Other oily fish such as herrings, mackerel etc. are also equally efficacious.

4. Canola Oil – great if you are not keen on eating fish, this contains high levels of Omega-3 as well.

5. Oats – are good for lowering your bad cholesterol (LDL) while maintaining levels of good (HDL) cholesterol, because they contain a high proportion of soluble fibers, which the body can easily ingest.

6. Almonds – containing monounsaturated fats, they help prevent bad cholesterol forming in our system and are there before a very good alternative to the high fat snacks such as crisps and fries that we are used to eating.

8. Blueberries – a delicious fruit that has cholesterol-lowering compounds and can be eaten on their own or incorporated into many other forms of cooking and deserts.

9. Shitake Mushrooms – a little more exotic than some foods, but a delicious addition to a meal that provides a substance called eritadenine which helps in lowering cholesterol.

10. Yoghurt – is very good for you, choose a low fat, bio type and this will keep a check on the fat levels, provide cholesterol-preventing and digestion enhancing biotics that add to the cause and help to keep you feeling well.

These are just a selection of the lower cholesterol foods that, incorporated into a well-balanced diet, with plenty exercise, can help you improve your cholesterol and your overall health into the bargain.