Every time someone Touches us with loving care or we do the same for someone else, an emotional exchange takes place that substantially nourishes the heart. The expressions “He touched my heart”, “I felt so touched by his words”, or “It was so touching to see my old friend again”, show that the sense of touch is closely related to our physical and emotional heart, which is also the center of our being. To touch and to be touched is as essential to health as a balanced diet, if not more.

When American researchers discovered that prematurely born babies who are stroked three times a day increased their weight by 49 percent, they had unintentionally discovered the loving touch. As it turned out, loving touch – the scientific expression is 'kinesthetic tactile stimulation' – became recognized as an effective method to reduce the time and cost of a baby's stay in hospital. Loving touch (I prefer to use the less sterile and more human term for this precious gift of God) stimulated the babies' production of growth hormones and theby improved utilization of nutrients from the daily food ratio. The researchers did not realize that they had stumbled upon a major technique of healing that could have applied successfully to the young and the old, the healthy and the sick, and not only for prevention, but also for cure.

In the human body, the sense of touch is so highly developed that it can detect or sense everything it comes into contact with, like radar. By unconsciously picking up other people's pheromones (chemicals produced by the body that signals its presence to others) and / or 'touching' their aura, your body can identify who is friendly, honest and loving or cold-hearted, deceitful, and aggressive.

The body may instantly translate all that information into powerful chemical responses that can make you either feel well or ill. These internal responses, however, also depend on your interpretation of the experience. Muscle testing can verify whether your interpretation is correct. You may think of a person and check with your muscles if this person has a positive impact on you or not. A weak muscle indicates that your relationship with this person may disturb your balance and energy field. Merely thinking of a person gives you enough physical responses to decide whether you want to be with that person or not.

There are multiple forms of touch that can have substantial healing effects. The Ayurvedic oil massage, for example, has been proved to open clogged arteries because of its deeply penetrating and detoxifying action. However, the purely physical part of this kind of touch is only partially responsible for this healing phenomenon. By touching your body with the intention to improve its health, it automatically senses that you love and appreciate yourself and your life; otherwise, you would not do it. Love carries the highest frequency of energy, and, when present in the depth of your heart, it triggers a strong healing response by releasing endorphins (hormones produced by the body that stop pain and make you feel good) and other healing drugs through the body , similar to the ones a breast-fed baby receives from its mother.

If you want to help a sick person, but do not know how, hold his / her hand in yours, or gently hold or massage his / her feet. This does more to help the person's condition than any amount of sympathetic words could do. The body remembers a loving touch more vividly than spoken words and it reproduces the same drugs whenever it links into the 'touching' feeling through remembering.

Heart patients especially need to feel that they are loved and cared for because their hearts have lost the sweetness of life that is mostly present in a committed and loving relationship where emotional exchange is most common. Many heart disease victims have isolated themselves from such intimate before they became ill, by overloading themselves with work, commitments, deadlines, and too many social engagements. By rediscovering the secrets of loving touch, they can once again connect to the circuit of love that supplies the only frequency the heart needs in order to function properly and efficiently, that is, the love frequency.

Loving touch opens the heart. It is the kind of touch that gives without expecting anything in return. It is the kind of touch that can create miracles. Each one of us has this healing gift; it is only a matter of acknowledging that you have it, which is a prerequisite for being able to use it. Give your touch freely and without reservations, for it is one of the few gifts that can make you truly happy, too. It may feel nice to be loved by someone, but it is most important to express love to others, in whatever form is possible. You always have the choice to touch someone with your kindness, generosity, and honesty, and feel so much better for it. This opens your heart. Only a closed heart can be broken or attacked.

Living your whole life without the danger of suffering a heart attack is more your choice than something that just happens to you. Take care of your heart and it will take care of you.