There are actually a lot of things that can cause high cholesterol. This is what makes getting it under control such a difficult task. But beyond the question of what foods increases cholesterol, let's look at some of the other causes of high cholesterol;

  • Weight – being overweight puts extra strain on your body. Being overweight also makes it harder for your body to properly deal with the cholesterol coming into your system. Studies also show that people who are significantly overweight tend to have higher levels of triglycerides and lower levels of the good cholesterol, HDL.
  • Low Activity – not being physically active is another way that you could have high cholesterol. People who have a regular exercise routine and get plenty of activity in their lives tend to have higher HDL levels; which is what you want.
  • Age – as you age cholesterol becomes more of an issue. Cholesterol compounds as an issue so although you might have high cholesterol problems in your youth you often will not know about it until you get older. Plus, after the age of 30 the human body naturally increases its production of cholesterol, causing higher levels.
  • Family History – if your parents or grandsparents had excess cholesterol levels there is a higher chance that you will too. One of the leading causes of increased cholesterol is genetics. If you do not already know this information it is important to ask questions and find out what some of you family medical history might be.
  • Diseases – there are some diseases that can lead to high cholesterol. Most of people with thyroid disorders, kidney disease, and other kidney disorders tend to have higher cholesterol levels.

The bottom line is that all of these things can factor into high levels of cholesterol. But the real question should be what foods cause high cholesterol. Food intake; meaning eating foods that are unhealthy, is more of a problem than any of the issues listed above when it comes to the causes of high cholesterol. Knowing what foods cause high cholesterol can also help you to make better choices and get your cholesterol lower.

So, no doubt you are asking; what foods cause high cholesterol?

  • Saturated Fats – these fats are the very worst for cholesterol. A saturated fat will become hard at room temperature and are mainly from animal based products; like meat, eggs, and dairy. These kinds of fats should only be ate in moderation. Long term exposure can lead to the hardening of arteries and increased cholesterol levels.
  • Trans Fats – Trans fats are not only bad for your arteries, they are bad for your overall health. Trans fats are basically synthetic foods. Any time a product has the ingredient of hydrogenated oil you are dealing with a trans fat.

When it comes to what foods cause high cholesterol it is important to read labels. Not all food is going to be obvious about its cholesterol health. So find out how much planned and trans fats are in the foods you eat and cut back on them.