The word “cholesterol” has become a popular term in these last few years. It is no longer an exclusive term used by medical professionals and old people. This is because we often hear and see it being discussed in normal conversations, in tv shows, in newspapers and magazines, and even in TV commercials. You may ask why, the only answer to that is the fact that thousands of people died or are suffering from coronary diseases because of high cholesterol.

But is Cholesterol really that evil? Believe it or not, Cholesterol has a special and beneficial function to our health system. In moderate levels, it is actually responsible for the maintenance of healthy cell walls and development of bile acids that help in fat digestion. It also helps the body produce its own vitamin D. Only when taken in excess does it become a bane to our body.

There are two (2) types of cholesterol: the good one is called the HDL or high density lipoprotein and the bad one known as LDL or low-density Lipoprotein. The latter is the one that causes the blood vessels to clog and eventually leads its sufferer to a heart disease or stroke.

The good type of cholesterol or HDL (High-density Lipoprotein) actually removes ldl from your blood. The most common sources for hdl are fatty fish like tuna and trout, all kinds of berries, nuts, cranberry extract juice, eggs.

Therefore, it is important that we are able to maintain a high level of HDL in our body so that it can counter the ill effects of LDL that is also present in our system. The best way to do it is by careful and picky of what we eat. If you want to maintain healthy cholesterol levels, you need to start with a healthy diet program.

Maintaining good and normal cholesterol levels is important but most people falter in this aspect. For one, it is a bit difficult to say NO to delicious foods that are easily available in the supermarkets. Unfortunately, most of these foods are packed with preservatives and dairy products. We all know that dairy products such as butter and cheese can cause our cholesterol levels to shoot up. However, there are also healthier alternatives such as low cholesterol dairy products or trans fat free foods. Trans fat is commonly found in canned goods, chips, sausages, and other commercially prepared food.

Keep in mind that it is always important to have any thing in moderation especially food. The excess cholesterol in our body are the ones that cause the clogging of the blood vessels that may ever lead to stroke or heart disease.

It is a really good thing though that there is an increasing awareness about cholesterol and the right diet to counter the evil consequences of high cholesterol in our body. As you age, having your cholesterol levels checked from time to time can really help manage and monitor a good health.