We as human beings in our western culture know all too well the foods we adore and that come to mind without effort. We naturally think of eggs, bacon and butted toast or a beautiful stack of pancakes when we think of a good breakfast. At lunch time, if it's not McDonald's it's a good ole ham sandwich or something similar. Our Dinner also consists of a familiar menu that is automatically envisioned in our minds long before we take a single bite. Foods with cholesterol are programmed into our psyche and our culture to the deepest level and to the core of our existence.

The first thing you should know about foods with cholesterol is that it is big business and we will continue to be bombarded with marketing that will ensure this diet never leaves our minds. Secondly and just as effective is the fact that we love this food and are willing to make the trade-off or the sacrifice to enjoy it. This is a large part of our culture that defines who we are. Without the Philly Cheesesteaks, the New York style Pizza and the Texas bar-be-cue, who would we be? Good-googly, do we eat good or what? It is a part of us and we deserve to eat good.

We so eat to our hearts desire that also incorporated into our society is our hearts disease. Our hearts desire turns into our heart's disease and there is nothing we can do about it. It goes with the territory so to speak.

Heart disease will continue to be our number 1 cause of death. That is OK with us for we at least enjoyed the journey. Besides the fact that we have a plethora of doctors and prescription medicines that stand to the ready to help prolong our lives and our lifestyles. The medical and pharmaceutical industries must continue to thrive also, it also is a big business that helps to define us. The cycle must continue to ensure our way of life.

Cholesterol and cholesterol medications r-us. Please do not attempt to adjust your dial or our minds. It is what it is. The whole of our economy and culture depends on the foods we eat and the pharmaceuticals to fix it.

Billions upon billions are absent in advertising and then the delivery to us the fine foods we eat. Then more billions are spent advertising and delivering the medications we will need. Who are we to alter this great structure with talk of getting back to nature and eating healthy. Sure, we can stand for a few to think about and about themselves and adopt a more healthy diet, but we can ill afford (no pun) mass selfishness. Leave our heart disease where it is. When our turn to become ill arrives we can feel proud to contribute to our way of life.

For those who wish not to participate you need to know that great lengths have been taken for you to enjoy the foods we have made famous. For you to want to think outside the box and live a healthy lifestyle is good for you, but what about the rest of us? It is sort of an insult and we wonder who do you think you are? It makes us feel like the serpent in the Garden of Eden saying “Eat this, for you shall not sure die.” Of course you will not die, at least not right away, as a matter of fact we guarantee you'll enjoy it. You'll enjoy it so much you will not be able to stop, at least not right away. If you do not partake with us and you're walking around fit and trim and full of energy and exuberance, we will hate you inside of ourselves, for this is not our way of life. Or have not you noticed our obesity and illnesses of late? It's for the good of our society, our way of life.