Claims have been made that the cure for heart disease has been found. Let's Examine this.

In the early nineteen fifties a Canadian doctor GC Willis from his research proposed that heart disease could have been due to vitamin C deficiency. Most animals never get heart attacks and the reason why was suggested: that they make their own vitamin C.

However, guinea pigs do not and GC Willis deprived these animals of vitamin C then observed fat-based atherosclerotic substances form on their arteries, characteristic of heart disease. The research has led to the assertion that heart disease manifests as a consequence of years of vitamin C deficiency .. This breakthrough discovery had been well supported by other researchers such as fellow country man, Doctor Patterson, who not diagnosed vitamin C deficiency in heart disease patients .

Fast forward to the 1980's and you have more evidence supporting the above which agreed:

* Arterial walls started to break down at the beginning stages of vitamin C deficient heart disease patients.

* These artery walls had lost their structural integrity to the point of beyond repair. Failure of the body's repair mechanisms was put down to 2 vital things: an absence of the proteins collagen and elastin needed to maintain structural integrity and vitamin C was needed to produce these .. This vitamin C deficient situation and no lysine and proline makes the body chose another way to compensate. Beisiegel and colleagues found that a fatty substance was required and therefore contributed to keeping structural integrity of the artery's walls .. This fat-based material is made up of low density cholesterol, otherwise known as 'bad cholesterol' which combines with a protein substance to form what's called 'lipoprotein a.'

* However, 'Lipoprotein a' was found to be rather sticky and adhesives materials which build up on the artery walls over time. The space in the 'artery's tubes' then becomes narrowed making it difficult for blood to flow through or complete blocking occurs ..

A Nobel prize was given out to both Doctors Rath and Pauling in reflection of this great discovery, that vitamin C deficient patients had the above material 'lipoprotein a' finding its way on their artery walls surface like a lock and key mechanism where lysine ans proline normally would ..

From the above stunning revelations (bolstered by other research confirming and I urge you to check this out) some very important inferments or deductions were made:

In conclusion, heart disease has basically been found to be a long term dietary deficiency: An absence or scarce amount of vitamin C and the essential amino acids lysine and / or proline.

The discovery of the latter has basically been ignored by the medical / pharmaceutical establishment because the above means alternative natural therapeutic treatment which is cheaper and would undercut their businesses.

Yet another example where corporate profitability overrides genuine welfare concern which has led to the suppression of this vital life-saving information, so I will leave you with the question, is this ignored health breach the largest slide in medical history?